Buying or selling an ASC?

Geographic location is one of the factors that impacts the value of an ambulatory surgery center (ASC). According to the latest ValueDriver ASC Survey from VMG Health, the level of impact of facility location (patient and physician convenience) on ASC value is:

•    Very low: 7% •    Low: 27% •    Medium: 40% •    High: 27% •    Very high: 0%

Learn more: Of course, many other factors affect the value of an ASC. A webinar, Valuing Ambulatory Surgery Centers (March 25), featuring Todd Sorensen and Kevin McDonough (both VMG Health), will look at how major ongoing healthcare consolidation trends are creating opportunity and perils in terms of the valuation of ASCs. The webinar, which is Part 3 of BVR’s Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation, will also cover regulatory and compliance considerations.