#1 source of healthcare business market research

Data on the healthcare business marketplace is scattered over a slew of different sources. Now, in one place, you can find top-line data sourced from over 70 professional organizations, federal health agencies, top market analysts, and news sources. It’s all in the 2013-2014 Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook, 17th edition, the number-one best-selling publication of its kind.

Treasure trove: Published by Richard K. Miller & Associates, the Handbook has over 700 pages and 160 chapters, containing comprehensive data on everything from value-based purchasing to cost savings from coordinated care, from quality and patient safety to electronic health records. Plus, there are 900 website links embedded into the electronic edition that will direct you to even more data from other resources.

We all know information is king, which makes the Handbook a must-have resource for anyone in the healthcare business. Check out the Table of Contents.