Pay rising for physicians on call

There’s a big swing in rates for on-call physicians, according to a new compensation survey. The MGMA Medical Directorship and On-Call Compensation Survey: 2013 Report Based on 2012 Data reports between $75 and $2,400 in median daily compensation for on-call coverage (for days on call). Physicians in surgical specialties reported $1,000 in median on-call compensation per day, whereas primary care physicians reported a rate of $150.

Frequency breakdown: Of the 3,950 on-call providers representing 295 medical organizations responding to the survey, more than 35% receive on-call compensation in the form of a daily stipend. More than 12% report an annual stipend for on-call coverage, and only 7% report compensation for on-call coverage in the form of an hourly stipend.

“The number of organizations paying for call in some form or another appears to be increasing as new physicians enter the workforce,” said Jeffrey B. Milburn, MBA, CMPE, MGMA Health Care Consulting Group. “Call compensation may address multiple variables, and methodologies can range from being a fairly simple hourly rate or annual stipend to a more complex arrangement addressing time and additional subsidies for uninsured patients, retention of professional fees, and restricted or unrestricted call coverage.”

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