Seven Reasons Why Vertical IQ Adds Value to Your Valuations

Vertical IQ is designed to help valuation practitioners like you get the most actionable industry intelligence for your valuation engagements. Let's take a look at some of the key reasons Vertical IQ can be an invaluable asset to your business.

  1. Timely—Vertical IQ delivers the current insight you need now to help your clients respond to and course correct in response to changing impacts on their industry. 
  2. Detailed—Risk-adverse bankers and credit underwriters require detailed, independent, trustworthy industry intelligence for due diligence, to re-evaluate loans, to extend or retract lines of credit, and retain documentation as time goes on. 
  3. Relevant—Focused industry- and client-specific information makes your emails, calls, and video chats unmissable in the ever-expanding and evolving virtual business environment.
  4. Effective—Actionable insights set Vertical IQ apart from traditional call preparation solutions, and it comes with an entire team of banking and sales professionals ready to show you exactly how to use its curated content through every stage of prospect or customer engagement. 
  5. Evolving—Vertical IQ continually delivers new value—such as improving its coverage of more than 97% of the economic revenue in the U.S. and Canada through more than 3,400 local economic reports—to help platform users and their clients navigate their businesses through the most trying of times. 
  6. Focused—In-depth industry-specific intelligence across more than 920 industries can help you as well as your clients. Use it to find new
    opportunities, explore new industries, diversify your outreach, and expand your customer base, even when times are tough.
  7. Impactful—These insights allow you and your customers to think outside the box, identifying the broader reach of industry and economic shifts, for example, how do dental practices address the effect new preventative treatments are having on demand for corrective procedures such as implants, root canals, and crowns, which are more profitable than preventative care?

Vertical IQ helps you understand the industries most susceptible to economic headwinds and makes it easy to prioritize which clients to reach out to first when resources are limited. Learn more about how this platform can save you time and attract new clients.