Three Reasons to Use Bizminer in Your Next Report

If you're trying to prepare any kind of report that requires detailed, industry-specific information, then you've probably noticed how challenging it can be to find such data. With Bizminer, your job just got a little easier.

Data Quality

Bizminer aggregates data from a number of locations to ensure reliability, consistency, and, most of all, accuracy. Some data sources include:

  • IRS statistics of income;
  • U.S. Economic Census;
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index;
  • National Agricultural Statistical Service;
  • Data Axle;
  • Business Valuation Resources; and
  • Many more!

However, Bizminer is more than a simple database of raw data to sift through. The data collected for Bizminer reports are sourced from an array of the nation's government and private statistical sources. None of these raw data sources creates the final measures reflected in Bizminer industry profiles but a piece of the greater whole. In total, Bizminer accesses over 1 billion sourced data points from 15 million business operations for each of its twice-annual updates covering a three-to-five-year time series. Historical data and Bizminer algorithms are used to inform and test projections for nonreporting firms.

Regional Insights

Bizminer goes beyond an industry snapshot and provides detailed benchmarking data for more than 5,000 industries in the U.S. with detailed data for specific metropolitan areas enabling you to find the data you need no matter how small the subject company. Check out a sample local industry report here >>

Flexibility Packages

Bizminer offers a range of plans to fit you or your organization's needs with each subscription option offering different levels of details:

  • Starter Package—includes: U.S. industry financial reports, local industry financial reports, and sole proprietor financial reports;
  • Premium Package—includes Starter Package reports and industry market trend, competitive market narrative, and sales per square foot reports; and
  • Pro Package—expands on the Premium Package by including valuation multiples, Vestimate name search, SWOT express, and company insights.

Bizminer has delivered quality online analytical content to valuation professionals for more than 15 years. Join the savvy valuation professionals who use Bizminer every day. Contact our sales team for a walk-through of Bizminer!