Preview: 2023 Mergerstat Review

The 2023 Mergerstat Review hits virtual bookshelves this May and is your definitive source for the latest data and statistics on M&A transactions from U.S. companies, including privately held, publicly traded, and cross–border transactions. In preparation for the release of the latest edition, we thought we'd share a sneak preview of some of the figures contained in the guide.

MRVW Graph

This table aggregates the total number of mergers and acquisitions for the past 20 years, giving you a clear snapshot of the highs and lows of deal activity during this time. In addition to this, the Mergerstat Review features a section on top 100 deals, tables of Top 20 deals of 2022 in Canada, UK, Latin America, Asia, and EU, and details on premiums paid over the targets' enterprise values.

This invaluable tool doesn't just give you facts and figures. This essential guide also provides key insights and analyses of the data, taking you past the charts to the juicy nuggets of inside information that the raw data can sometimes miss. Purchasing this guide also gets you access to the Mergerstat Monthly Review—a monthly update on M&A activities, trends, and deal data by industry so that you can stay up to date on all the latest M&A activity.

The 2023 Mergerstat Review captures 20 years' worth of historical mergers and acquisitions including special purpose acquisition company transactions! Preorder your copy of the 2023 Mergerstat Review, and make sure that your valuation library is complete!