And The BVR Survey Says...

If you've attended any of our recent webinars, you may have noticed that we've started doing attendee surveys, and, in that vein, we're happy to bring you some interesting results from a recent webinar, Embracing the Hockey Stick: Alternative Approaches to Formulating and Assessing Projections. These results revealed some interesting data about our attendees, notably that many of them have a substantial amount of experience in the BV field and that midsize transactions dominate their transaction engagements. 

Are you comfortable doing projections for your own clients?

  • Yes 94 (59%)
  • No 64 (41%)

How many years have you been practicing in the BV profession?

  • Less than one year 9 (5%)
  • One to five years 35 (21%)
  • Five to 10 years 19 (11%)
  • More than 10 years 99 (60%)
  • N/A 4 (2%)

What size transaction comps do you typically use for your valuation engagements?

  • Small—Main Street 36 (22%)
  • Medium 90 (55%)
  • Large 25 (15%)
  • N/A 13 (8%)

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