A Sneak Peek at the 2022 AAML/BVR Divorce Conference

The 2022 AAML/BVR National Divorce Conference is rapidly approaching! As we get closer to the start of the conference, more details on the topics and speakers have started to take shape, and we thought we’d share more information on what you can expect with a few of the presentations.  

Digital Evidence in Family Law Cases: What You Need to Know Before It 'Bytes' You in the 41 73 73
Sunday, September 18

Join our speakers as they cover a broad range of critical digital evidence issues for family lawyers and related professionals with a focus on recent trends and challenges that counsel and financial experts must be prepared to address regarding electronically stored information (ESI). The program will cover important basics, including what ESI is and the technical digital processes by which it is formed, as well as much more sophisticated topics, including understanding the risks and strategic decisions that must be made regarding the acquisition, preservation, and use of ESI; data encryption, geolocation data, “spyware,” and digital espionage; and the use of cryptocurrency to secrete assets.

Key takeaways include:

  • How experts extract and analyze data for use in the courtroom;
  • Potential pitfalls related to ESI;
  • How to spot spoiling in ESI; and
  • Key lessons in managing ESI components from start to finish.

Creative Settlements and Reaching for the Golden Ring
Monday, September 19

You’ve gotten the balance sheet set. You know where you are apart. How do you get from your position to settlement? Joy Feinberg and Joseph Estabrook will discuss creative, dynamic, and persuasive models and methods to achieve resolutions. These are techniques we have used over the years.

 Join our speakers as they walk through the following concepts:

  • Dynamic Excel models;
  • Present value calculations;
  • Using tax calculations to your advantage;
  • Formulating percentage constructs;
  • If, as, and when recipes;
  • Monte Carlo scenarios; and
  • More!

Cryptocurrency Trends in Divorce
Tuesday, September 20

Our presenters will guide attendees through the process of quantifying cryptocurrency assets in divorce and valuation, what kinds of records exist, how you should ask for them, when and if you should object to being asked for them, and what a financial expert should do once records are obtained.

Key points will include:

  • Valuation considerations for advanced cryptocurrency holdings;
  • ICO participation;
  • Decentralized finance; and
  • NFTs and their impact on valuation.

Don’t miss out on learning everything you need to know about the ever-expanding world of crypto!

With 29 sessions covering a broad range of divorce- and BV-related topics, the 2022 AAML/BVR National Divorce Conference at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is your chance to drastically expand your knowledge and give yourself a leg up on other practitioners. Check out the full agenda here.  

We’ll see you in Vegas!