Fledgling BVers to compete in Fifth Annual Business Valuation Challenge

“You don’t learn this at school.” “Easily the best experience of my college career.” “I learned more from this than all my classes this semester. This will stand out on my resume.” “The Challenge has opened up the world of valuations to me and piqued my interest in the profession.”—past BV Challenge contestants

The Business Valuation Challenge is entering its fifth year! Created by Professor Herbert Kierulff of Seattle Pacific University, this year’s Challenge will be proudly hosted by the J. Mack Robinson College of Business and Department of Finance at Georgia State University (GSU). It will take place November 11-12 at GSU.

The BV Challenge is an extraordinarily unique opportunity and learning experience for the students—and judges!—involved. It is a “real world” competition during which teams of students value an actual company and present their results. Business Valuation Resources will provide complimentary data, resources, and other materials for the Challenge, and GSU is working with the AICPA to coordinate industry mentors for each of the teams.

Deadline: There are 24 first-come-first-serve slots, and registrations must be received by September 15! University faculty members who wish to register a team of students please contact Dr. David Beard at dbeard@gsu.edu. Business valuation practitioners please pass the Challenge info and website along to your alma maters! The Challenge is also a great chance for BV firms to attract new talent—contact Dr. Beard at the above address for sponsorships and ways to get the word out on your firm.

Stay tuned for updates on the Fifth Annual Business Valuation Challenge!