Tips and insights from the NACVA conference

BVWire was at the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) conference in New Orleans. Here are a few insights we picked up at the sessions.

  • Keynote speaker Sam Allred, CPA, says practice development is about having a sincere desire to help people.
  • One way to help clients do business with you is to accept electronic payments from them (e.g., PayPal, ACH, wire, Apple Pay).
  • NACVA unveiled new standards that deal with an engagement to review another practitioner’s valuation report.
  • The market approach may emerge as a more prevalent method for valuing intangible assets due to increased transactions and merchants in this space.
  • “Relief from pay per click” is a new approach to measure damages due to trademark misuse over the Internet.
  • When valuing family limited partnerships, make sure you read the entire document even if the lawyer says it’s a standard agreement.
  • Don’t use the word “draft” to label a draft report—use “incomplete work product.”
  • Pending research reveals there is significant double counting if you use a size premium and also DLOM.
  • An extensive analysis of existing research reveals that shareholder taxes definitely affect value of PTEs, refuting the IRS and Tax Court position.

See more takeaways in BVWire. And there will be more details in the August issue of Business Valuation Update. Congratulations to NACVA for an excellent conference!