Value of famous eateries may be part of celeb divorce battle

The value of a food celebrity’s restaurants may figure into his divorce case—if his estranged wife has her way, according to BVWire.

Food fight: The wife of Bobby Flay has filed legal documents to set aside their prenup to give her more of a bite out of her husband’s success. She claims the agreement should not be enforced because she’s the reason he became wildly successful, TMZ reports. The wife is also making allegations of adultery, which could bolster her case. Under the terms of their prenup, Flay, who’s worth an estimated $20 million, only has to pay wife Stephanie March $5,000 a month. Flay has a number of cooking shows on Food Network, has written several cookbooks, and owns a bunch of restaurants, including Bar Americain, Bobby Flay Steak, Bobby’s Burger Palace, Gato, and Mesa Grill.

BVR recently served up a webinar, Valuing Restaurants: A Case Study, presented by expert Lynton Kotzin (Kotzin Valuation Partners LLC). Kotzin went through a detailed numbers example of the valuation of a company that owned a group of Subway sandwich shops.