Latest transaction multiples in Pratt's Stats

Private companies in the mining and finance/insurance/real estate industry groups have the highest values relative to their revenues, according to the latest quarterly Pratt’s Stats Private Deal Update (available with a subscription to the Pratt’s Stats deal database). These industry groups have a median selling price/revenue valuations multiple of 1.84 and 1.13, respectively. At the low end are firms in the retail (0.37) and construction (0.41) industries. BVWire includes a table that presents the total count of transactions in Pratt’s Stats by major industry group as well as median valuation multiples. The data in the table include private companies purchased by public and private companies. There are now over 22,000 private-company transactions in the database.

Free download: BVWire also provides a link to an excerpt from the 4Q2014 issue of Pratt’s Stats Private Deal Update, which summarizes and analyzes private-company acquisitions by private and public buyers. It also includes industry and economic forecast information.