Top 10 current issues in bankruptcy valuations

BVWire reports on a session at the recent AICPA Forensic & Valuation Services Conference 2013 in Las Vegas conducted by Robert Reilly (Willamette Management Associates), who discussed current issues in bankruptcy valuations. The issues are:

  1. There is no bankruptcy code definition (or standard) of the term “value”;
  2. The use of hindsight in the valuation is discouraged;
  3. The valuation analyst’s reliance on management-prepared financial projections is often questioned;
  4. The analyst’s selection of valuation variables is often questioned;
  5. Current interest rates may be considered reasonably low;
  6. The reasonableness of the analyst’s due diligence is often questioned;
  7. Consider all of the income tax effects on the debtor value;
  8. Use of industry valuation rules of thumb is often questioned;
  9. Performing the cash flow test within a solvency analysis; and
  10. Use of the market approach in an inactive market is often questioned.

Reilly, along with Dr. Israel Shaked, are the authors of A Practical Guide to Bankruptcy Valuation.