Where will I get my 2014 SBBI Valuation Edition? A further update in this evolving resource area

More news is now available on replacement products for the Valuation Edition discontinued by Morningstar in October.

Duff & Phelps is now moving ahead to combine the most critical components of the Ibbotson reports within its existing Duff & Phelps Risk Premium Report.  The working title of the new book, scheduled to be released by Wiley in March (coinciding with the annual release of the old Valuation Edition from Morningstar), is currently the Duff & Phelps Valuation Handbook/Guide to Cost of Capital.

The Valuation Handbook will include industry risk and new size premia calculations that had been available from Ibbotson—but had not been included in the existing DP Risk Premium Report.

And this book will be available from BVR, NACVA, and perhaps the AICPA as well as from Wiley, BVR has confirmed.

The Risk Premium Calculator, which also includes historic cost of capital data, will continue to be available from BVR and also to NACVA members. Users of the Calculator will receive the new Valuation Handbook.

BVR is also working to re-create the missing Morningstar beta "tear sheets" and calculator as well as to provide a new international cost of capital study.  More news on these remaining missing items will be published here as soon as it's available and also will be posted to the BVR Cost of Capital Resource Center.