The "Women in Finance" win the 2nd Annual BVR/SPU Valuation Challenge

Students at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) competed in the Second Annual BVR/SPU Valuation Challenge.  The program is run by Dr. Herbert Kierulff, the Snellman Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University, BVR supplies valuation databases, and Moss Adams judges the participating teams.

This year, the teams valued an Engineering company supplied by Moss Adams' valuation practice--and Moss Adams' Wayne Fjeld (Senior Manager), Kaori Packard (Manager), and Miranda Rickert (Financial Analyst) evaluated presentations.  The team from Moss Adams selected the five members of the team "Women in Finance" as the best.  Here is the picture that will become part of the winning students' plaques.

BVR-SPU-MA Valuation Challenge Winners

Left to right:  Miranda Rickert (Financial Analyst), Wayne Fjeld (Senior Manager), Erin Nesheim, Brooke Reed, Hayley Hill, Lilyanna Diama, Samantha Sanders, Kaori Packard (Manager), and Dr. Herbert Kierulff.

 Fjeld  commented that "All the teams did a good job and we enjoyed being a part of the process... I would have really appreciated and benefited from a project like this so congratulations to the organizers as well."

 Fjeld also commented on all the positive comments from the students who participated--including:

  • Project [valuing a company supplied by Moss Adams using materials supplied by BVR] was fun and challenging.
  • I leave the class knowing so much more about finance and valuing a company.
  •  This helped SO MUCH - working on the presentation for Moss Adams tested our critical thinking and skills.

 Kierulff has already begun work on the Third Annual Challenge, this time involving other universities.  Judging will take place in June, 2014.  If you’re interested in championing a similar learning experience for local university finance students that harnesses the power of BVR data, contact Adam Manson, BVR’s financial research manager, at