AM&AA's April 3 event in Boston focuses on current conditions in middle market M&A

The Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors' is offering a symposium on middle market M&A in Boston on April 3rd, along with their other usual training and conference events.

AM&AA Board Members now include:

Kumi Bradshaw,  Firm Advisory Lorenzo Bacciardi,  Bacciardi and Partners Ken Bresnen,  Denary Corporate Development Andrew Mun,  Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc. Michael Chang,  Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc. Mehmet Buldurgan,  MBCO Strategy and Investment Consulting Kison Patel,  Fundology Andrew Heitner,  Alcon Partners Joel Gavin,  EDGE Investment Partners Urs Breitsprecher,  Busekist, Winter & Partner Simon Zelman,  Ashford Management Group Inc Juan Carlos,  Maussan Crece Capital Kenneth Sanginario,  Corporate Value Metrics, LLC Brian Kerr,  Penn Mezzanine Monica Demitor,  MMD Consulting Inc Gabriel Pardo,  Crece Capital John Bingaman,  Cerca Group LLC Lowell Puls,  Chautauqua Inc. Tarun Chopra,  Clements Worldwide David Dollinger,  UHY LLP J. Thomas Decosimo,  Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC Sam Arman,  Central Capital Group, LLC Joseph Feldman,  Joseph Feldman Associates Jason Schneider,  Schneider Boerema PLLC Robert Eckardt,  Robert Eckardt Jacqueline Bangs,  McDonnell & Bangs Assoc. Micah Wickersheim,  Pfingsten Partners, LLC Kenneth Hirsch, Western Reserve Partners LLC Gary Parker,  Greer & Walker Corporate Finance Eric Lynn,  Alliance Holdings, Inc. Timothy Leland,  TGP Investments LLC Eric Baltes,  CliftonLarsonAllen LLP Andrew Mitchell,  Clothier & Head Don Quist,  Hood Group Ann Hanna,  Schenck SC