Participate NOW and save $250 off the price of the 2013 BV Firm Best Practices and Economic Survey

BVR has released the questionnaire for the 2013 BV firm economics survey.  The survey is done every two years.   Last time, almost 600 business valuation firms representing over 4000 appraisers responded, making this by far the most influential survey of business valuation firm business practices.

The deadline for participation is Monday April 1, 2013.  Results will be released to participants in May.

Save $250.  If you participate, you have the option of receiving the complete results for $79.   Non-participants may order the Survey later for $329.

The survey covers nine topical sections, each focusing on a separate area of practice management--including:

  • compensation for business appraisers and key staff
  • marketing and practice development
  • financial performance indicators
  • favored business valuation research sources
  • staffing growth and human resources
  • practice specialization trends
  • professional certification
  • and much more...
This year's Survey also includes new data on current management and professional concerns, additional services, partner additions/defections, and other topics.

So complete the Survey now (you can stop and return to the survey later if you're interrupted).   It's the best information available on how your business appraisal practice compares...