New resource on valuing government contracting firms

Title:  Key Trends in the Valuation of Government Contracting Firms:  A BVR Special Report

Author:  Compiled by Jan Davis with an introduction by Donald Nalley

Price:  $159

Federal budget battles, unclear tax positions, and domestic and international economic and political trends create a challenging environment for government contracting firms and the business appraisers who value them. Key Trends in the Valuation of Government Contracting Firms discusses these unique characteristics and considerations.

Highlights include:

  • Top value drivers in the defense and government services markets
  • Special issues to consider when valuing a government contracting firm
  • Necessary considerations for government contractors with set-aside status
  • Customer list and backlog issues as they relate to purchase price allocations
  • Lost profit issues unique to the government contracting industry
  • Government contracting firm acquisition multiples
  • Key sources of government data
 The Guide includes the following sections:
  • Key Value Drivers in Defense and Government Services Markets by Mitch Martin, MBA, MPA
  • Special Issues to Consider When Valuing a Government Contracting Firm by Ron A. Stramberg, ASA
  • Enhanced Market Understanding Needed to Value Government Contractors by Bob Kipps
  • Government Contractors with Set-Aside Status Require Risk-Adjusted Timelines by Donald W. Nalley Jr., CPA/CVA, ABV, ASA
  • Contractor Purchase Price Allocation Requires Careful Analysis of Customer List and Backlog by Nathan E. DiNatale, CPA/ABV, CVA
  • Lost Profits Issues Unique to the Government Contracts Industry by Patrick A. McGeehin and Daniel E. Johnson, Esq.
  • Valuation Multiples Based on Pratt's Stats by Adam Manson
  • Industry Research Involving Government Contractors Requires Specific Internet Sources