New release updates the role of financial experts in litigation

Just two week ago, a federal judge told us that economic cases don’t fail on liability issues—they fail for lack of competent damages evidence. Since then, we’ve been hearing from courts and practitioners alike just how important financial experts and competent, credible evidence is to the outcome of any dispute that involves valuation of a business asset or interest.

The timing couldn’t be better. The brand new, fifth edition of Litigation Services Handbook: The Role of the Financial Expert (Wiley & Sons) is now available at BVR. Edited by Roman L. WeilDaniel G. Lentz, and David P. Hoffman, the updated edition covers every aspect of preparing and presenting a “winning” damages analysis in court, from types of cases—bankruptcy, IP, lost profits, M&A, and family law—to types of evidence, including how to develop and assess statistical analyses, cost of capital, reasonable royalty calculations, and more.