Become a ‘Seigneur’ expert witness

Ron Seigneur (Seigneur Gustafson) will be one of the leading facilitators at the AICPA’s Expert Witness Skills Workshop, July 26-28 in Chicago, as will chair Stacey Collins(Financial Research Associates).

Working with a case study as a “roadmap,” participants will work on practical skills during Day 1—including a review of expert reports, presentations, and mock depositions. Day 2 will focus on communication skills, complete with videotaped examinations (and cross-examinations of the expert “witnesses”). Day 3 closes with a complete mock trial, also videotaped, and a follow-up critique by a panel of “real life” judges. “We have an amazing cast of judges, attorneys, and financial experts involved in this,“ Seigneur says. Intense but invaluable experience will be had by all.