After Vegas and divorce, AICPA FVS moves onto D.C. and fair value

Kudos to co-chairs David Levy (AAML) and Barry Sziklay (AICPA) for putting together another cutting-edge conference on business valuation in divorce, with up to 400 attorneys, appraisers, and speakers traveling to Las Vegas this year. Equal thanks go to vice co-chairs Carole Gailor (AAML) and Sharyn Maggio (AICPA). We’ll have more quotes and content from AAML/AICPA presenters in the coming weeks.

Next up on the AICPA’s agenda: its conference on fair value measurements and reporting, to be held June 6-8 at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Md., just outside of Washington, D.C. Key sessions will cover:

  • Goodwill impairments, the new standards and the latest, practical application of the qualitative assessments;
  • Legal issues related to fair value;
  • Fair value and investment companies;
  • PCAOB views;
  • SEC/FASB update;
Speakers include Ben Couch (FASB), Jay Hanson (PCAOB), David Dufendach (Grant Thornton), P.J. Patel (Valuation Research Corp.), and Mark Zyla (Acuitas). To found out more and to register, click here.