Some great CPE coming up in May for financial analysts

Just as the busy tax season ends—the busier BV conference season begins. Book your professional education, networking, and travel calendar now for any of these May offerings:

  • On May 7, the ASA and its New York City Chapter host the 20th anniversary of the Current Topics in Business Valuation, to be held in New York City. Sessions will cover effective tactics related to IRS audits, selecting the optimum capital structure for a subject firm, navigating the WACC versus the IRR in business combinations, and an analysis of quantitative DLOM models outputs. For more information, click here.
  • On May 10-11, the AICPA/AAML will once again sponsor their biennial national conference on divorce in Las Vegas. As in prior years, each session will feature an attorney and a BV appraiser speaking to both the legal and valuation sides of a particular issue; for more information and a complete conference agenda, click here.
  • On May 15, the national ASA hosts its 7th Annual Fair Value Conference, to be held at the Los Angeles offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers. The roster of speakers includes nationally recognized experts such as Ben Couch (FASB), Tony Aaron (Ernst & Young), and Jon Isler and Adam Smith (both from PwC). To register, click here.
  • On May 17, the Los Angeles Chapter of the ASA hosts the U.S. Tax Court Cases Symposium, a multidisciplinary event to be held in Cerritos, Calif. Offering “the inside scoop” on what goes on inside the federal Tax Court, the event will feature speakers from the IRS as well as appraisal experts Dennis Webb (Primus Valuation) and Carsten Hoffman (FMV Opinions) and attorney Chuck Morris (Albrecht & Barney). To register, click here.