Radio station valuations could get a boost from FCC’s proposed rule

Last December, the Federal Communications Commission issued a proposed rule (11-286) that would relax its long-standing limit on the ability of companies to own both a newspaper and a television or radio station in the same local market. The proposed rule would also permit the cross-ownership of television and radio stations. Public comments are due in March and replies by April, after which the FCC is expected to take further action.

A relaxed rule could lead to more sales (and valuations) of radio stations. That's a short summary of  the presentations at  Valuing Radio Stations on February 23, when Peter Bowman (Bowman Valuation) and industry expert Paul Fink (St. Clair Co.) discussed how to value radio stations in the information age, including the treatment of additional  services (Internet streaming and/or news and online chat services) and compliance with FCC licensing and other regulatory requirements.