Borrowman-Baker-BVR business valuation compensation survey is now open for participation

Technical aptitude and experience pays in the BV profession: but how much? In the search for top BV talent these days, too often BV firms turn the question “what do we want to pay for that key new appraiser?” into “what should we pay?”

Get the metrics: The 2012 Borrowman Baker-BVR Salary Survey is the only source of detailed, reliable compensation data on the BV profession. Its survey methodology is consistent with standards used by the leading compensation study firms—and it’s open for participation now. The more firms that participate, the more complete, valid, and reliable the results will be. High-security protocols protect data input to assure confidentiality; no data will be reported in any way that would identify any sources.

To participate—and lock in your complete copy of the final 2012 BV benchmark report—click here.