Got a guideline public company method analysis in your future?

BVR has just negotiated a 75% price discount with our partner for software to speed up the increasingly time-consuming steps involved in doing a public company comparables analysis.  The BVR/PB Public Company Comps Tool (PCCT) will be available for $995 for a single user license starting this week--for all new accounts and renewals.   Since nearly every appraisal requires a consideration of this method (even if the results are not weighted), BVR has felt that an affordable tool to automate interative comps selection and comparison is essential.   This is the first time a product of this sort has been available for under $3500.  This new low price despite the high cost of licensing the EDGAR On-line database to support public company comparable analyses.

To take advantage of this great new pricing, contact your BVR account executive! Low-cost multi-user options are available too, for the first time.