A banner year at Valuation Advisors--with great steps forward for their pre-IPO DLOM database

BVR just received an update from Valuation Advisors this morning that’s been posted online.  That database now contains 8,690 pre-IPO transactions used to calculate a discount for lack of marketability.  The database started 2011 with 4,917 transactions – so we’ve seen an increase of 3,773 transactions.

In addition to the regular monthly updates Valuation Advisors provides us, they’ve also undertaken two major efforts this year:

  • The addition of international deals.  This added 797 new transactions to the database.  There are now 26 represented countries.
  • The addition of IPO transactions greater than two years prior to the IPO date (this added 2,444 new transactions).

Both of these additions provide benefits to the database’s users in that international transactions are now represented—as are transactions with longer time periods between the issuance of pre-IPO stock or options and the IPO date.

The Valuation Advisors Lack of Marketability Discount Study is the largest DLOM database.