Great comments on growing your practice from Rick Warner in ASA BV E-letter today

Our good friend Rick Warner, appraiser and editor of the BVC's E-letter, has just passed a milestone birthday (29).   He's reflected on the mile markers, speed bumps, and other factors that influence our lives, and our business valuation practices.   Rick's conclusion is worth recalling:

To make sure that milestones in your personal and professional life don’t become millstones here are my suggestions.  First, review your goals and objectives and make sure that they are correct for you, your life, and your business.  Second, when you need to make a detour, or a change, whether self-inflicted or imposed on you by some external reason, forget your previously established milestones until you’re back on track.  Third, milestones that are in the rear view mirror only have value in telling you where you’re coming from – not where you’re going.
Happy birthday, Rick!