BVR launches IP Management & Valuation reporter

Business Valuation Resources, LLC (BVR) and its IP publishing division are pleased to announce the launch of the new monthly reporter, IP Management & Valuation.  BVR recognizes the growing need for regular coverage of intangible asset valuation news.

The monthly IP Management & Valuation (IPMV) reporter supports senior executives in the identification, evaluation, protection, and growth of their IP assets and was created to fill a void in the area of analysis of the business issues related to the commercialization of IP – particularly when it comes to licensing, selling, and transferring these valuable assets.

IPMV delivers:

  • Complete coverage of thought leadership from the top experts in the world — on IP valuation, litigation, asset protection, licensing, reputation enhancement, IP and damages, royalty rates, patent values, and more
  • Actionable commentary on the most pressing issues in IP management each month from IPMV's Executive Editor Rebecca Morrow and BVR’s internationally renowned editorial team
  • Early notification of news and resources
  • Legal analysis of all precedent-setting cases in which the valuation of IP assets is contested, from BVR's legal editor Sherrye Henry, J.D.
  • And much more...

“Many chief IP officers are struggling to understand the valuation and management issues that result from licensing, selling and transferring intangible assets. That is where the new IP Management & Valuation reporter comes in.  It provides resources, strategies and solutions chief IP officers need to surpass their competitive, commercialization, and profitability goals, “ said Randy Cochran, Publisher.

Charter pricing for a yearly subscription is only $249 and also includes a complimentary subscription to the bi-weekly ezine IP Value Wire. Order here, or contact Randy Cochran, Publisher.