AICPA report: How do you institutionalize your BV practice if the lawyers are hiring a specific individual?

"Here's how we do it," said Neil Beaton.  "Let's say we're doing a road show at Skadden in New York.   We'll bring in a team, so it's not Beaton who shows up, it's Grant Thornton.   Bring your younger people with you.  Don't go alone."

"There's a session on passing the baton here," said Stacy Collins.  "One issue is starting the networking early because the people you meet during training are going to be the people who refer work to you later on."

A warning to leaders in the field:  "let your junior people speak at meetings with clients," said Jim Hitchner.  "If they don't talk, no lawyer is going to accept the argument that you'll prep junior staff so they can do the valuation work at a lower hourly rate. Let them lead at least part of the discussion!"

A question from the audience asked this question about the particular problem of an older solo practitioner who needs to get a new person interested in BV.  "Start by reminding the new person how boring tax and audit work is," laughed Randie Dial.

Harold Martin reminded every one that the FVS section has a mentoring program--another option that those new to the profession can avail themselves of.