Want more early-stage valuation work? A new directory might help.

BVWire readers who work with early stage valuations (or who want more of them) will benefit from the The University Startup Directory - the definitive resource for identifying and understanding this promising investment sector. The Directory is the first detailed list and index of university startups. A listing of 1,000 plus university startups, with indexes and qualifications on each, allows readers to quickly find the startups they need.

One example of what's happening in this part of the economy:  Harvard plans to put more funding behind its Accelerator project. Accelerator is designed to aid biotech start-ups (or fund drug development for sale to an existing entity) resulting from Harvard research and technology, and it appears to be successful. Initiated just four years ago with $10M, Isaac Kohlberg, who serves as the Ivy League school's tech development head and senior associate provost, feels the nurturing model is working and plans to at least double the funding.