New source (besides ERI) of CEO compensation data for reasonable compensation analyses

BVR has consulted over the last year with Chief Executive Group (CEG) – publishers of CEO Magazine, on their new study of private company owner pay.   The result was released this week--and it adds a second very strong benchmarking resource for reasonable compensation calculations (the first, of course, being data from ERI).

The new CEO and Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies presents benchmarking data and best practices on over 1,600 private company CEO and senior executive positions from 789 companies across the US--so the data is rich for analysts who need to:

  • benchmark a subject company’s compensation practices against those of companies with comparable profiles and equity compensation plans.
  • decipher the components in the compensation mix and uncover salary, bonus, benefits and perquisites for key senior executives.

The report is separated into two parts, Part I: CEO Compensation and Part II: Senior Executive Compensation. They can be purchased individually or as a complete package.