Recent updates to BizMiner suite of industry research services

We want to make you aware of some important changes in search tools, report formats and, in a couple of cases, report series content.


With the new release, we are moving from an expanded SIC-based classification system to an expanded NAICS-based classification system. You can read details about the reasons behind this and what it means for you at:

For now, we’ll stick to three brief points:

  • Our new proprietary NAICS-based taxonomy allows us to continue bringing you the most granular industry reports in the market. The transition to a NAICS basis improves the alignment between BizMiner and other statistical information you might use (including current and future government metrics).
  • Our multiple search tool (keyword, drilldown and code input) will continue to be available.
  • We have posted a SIC to NAICS conversion chart on our Industry Search Tools page, allowing you to link directly to the closest corresponding NAICS reports if you are still more comfortable with the SIC system. This is coupled with complete standardized definitions for the official set of NAICS-2-3-4-5-6 industries.

There is NO change to either of our financial reporting series. All line items in all formats (including CSV) remain identical except, of course, for updated data content.


Both Market Research series have been expanded and slightly reorganized. We have replaced the three Sales Class tables with two new table sets (6 in total) that examine both market volume and employment by employment class. This results in more coherent data sets with distinct, yet better-aligned analyses.

We’ve found in the past that customers interested in startup information tend to focus on it. For that reason, we’ve decided to consolidate content on startup and entrepreneurial activity in a new report section on Industry Startup Trends on page 6 of both US and Local MR reports.

These changes necessitate some juggling in both Market Research series CSV report files. BizMiner developed templates for the USMR and LMR which walk through each of the CSV data placement changes. You can download the USMR template here and the LMR template here. The templates will also be posted on the BizMiner site with the new release.


In the past, the RBP series tried to satisfy two needs – for an overview of broad industry sectors in any given market area, and for county-level market metrics. With the new release, sector-wide reporting at the national, state and metro levels is now available through our US and Local Market Research series, and with much more information than was previously presented in the Regional Business Profile. Of course, this is in addition to the detailed industry segment reporting in those same Market Research series.

The Regional Business Profile series were replaced by a new and more powerful series, which is included in the Suite subscription.