Most BV firms don't waste much time updating their websites

Here's an interesting fact from the new 2011 BV Firm Economics and Best Practices Survey: Most firms with websites are not actively updating them.  As shown in the table below, the bulk of business valuation firm web sites are relatively static—increasingly so, in fact.  This tends to reduce the likelihood that these web sites will come up in natural search results in Google.  It also suggests BV firms receive relatively little new business through their web sites, compared to other businesses.  So, it’s tough to dedicate the time or resources necessary to make the sites more compelling.  The firms that DO invest more in web site content seem happy with the results, though, and definitely plan to continue.

How often do you update the content on your website?
2010 2008 2006
Daily .06% 0.6% 0.8%
At least weekly 4.8% 2.2% 4.2%
At least monthly 11.5% 19.1% 25.2%
Less than monthly 73.9% 69.1% 69.7%