For $20, you can hear from top ASA experts on the current international standards convergence timeline

The ASA has lined up the following all-star list to review the current impact of the IASB and other convergence efforts:

  • David Wilkes, Partner, Huff Wilkes Attorneys and Immediate Past Chair of The Appraisal Foundation, Tarrytown, New York,
  • Robert Schlegel, International President, American Society of Appraisers, ¬†and Principal, Houlihan Valuation Advisors, Indianapolis, Indiana,
  • Tony Aaron, Americas Leader, Quality and Risk Management, Valuation and Business Modeling, Ernst & Young LLP, McLean, Virginia, and,
  • Don Dorchester, Senior Managing Director, Dispute Analysis-Litigation Support, Financial Reporting, Valuation & Advisory, Cushman & Wakefield, Prescott, Arizona.
Topics under consideration during this 90 minute webinar on March 16 include:
  • An orientation for participants on how the accounting standards, along with attempts to converge United States and International accounting standards, are relevant to appraisers.
  • The definition of fair value.
  • The roles of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).
  • An update on the current status of US accounting standards and the timeline for convergence.
  • The current requirements for valuers under financial reporting standards.
  • The various valuation disciplines which are involved in financial reporting and how they interact.
  • Practical examples to illustrate financial reporting valuations and how they can be applied in your professional valuation practice.