Next installment of the Advanced Webinar Series on Lost Profits Damages is tomorrow!

Join us this Friday (January 7th) for the first of our four-part Advanced Webinar Series on Lost Profits Damages. “Discounting Lost Profits: Case Law & Methods – A Legal Perspective.”  In this two-hour presentation, BVR welcomes Robert Lloyd (University of Tennessee College of Law) and Michael Crain (The Financial Valuation Group), both contributing authors to The Comprehensive Guide to Lost Profits Damages.  Through their presentation, Lloyd and Crain will discuss the most fundamental obstacle to quantifying a lost profits award or claim: its value – or rather, its present value.  Discounting for past and future damages claims will also be discussed, as well as how recent case law has come to impact these considerations.  For more information on this and all other programs in our Advanced Webinar Series on Lost Profits Damages, click here.