Happy news...ASA and CICBV introduce the International Institute of Business Valuers

Big news from Miami this morning:  The ASA and CICBV jointly announced the formation of the IIBV--an association of business valuation associations.  With its member associations, will lead the business valuation profession globally.  It’s goals include to:

  • To unify existing associations
  • To lead the industry in the areas of ethics, integrity and excellence in practice
  • Facilitate the exchange of eknoelwedge
  • Offer education to those who want to joint the profession, and
  • Increase the pre-eminence of the BV profession globally
It's no surprise to any one that there's strong international demand for education and accreditation.  There's also increasing recognition of the IASB, and encouragement of the securities commissions, regulators and users of financial information "around the world."

The ASA Board of Governors, and the CICBV Board voted the final approval for this new group during the meetings during the last weeks.

Individual associations globally can join the new IIBV as an umbrella organization while remaining independent.  As Farley Cohen, current CICBV president said, "we hope to promote the stature of these global associations.   First targets are in the UK and Australia, and then perhaps Hong Kong.

Visit the new umbrella organization at www.iibv.org.