Check out this month's Journal of Accountancy for cool profile of one of our own BV rock stars

Kevin Yeanoplos (Brueggeman and Johnson Yeanoplos) is profiled this month in the Journal of Accountancy—with a focus on his stroke at age 46, and his music. “After I was discharged from the hospital, I immersed myself in music for its therapeutic effects. Playing guitar strengthened my left hand; tapping to the beat fortified my leg muscles. During this process, I began to understand why my career in business valuation appealed to me so much: It was very similar to being a musician,” Yeanoplos relates.  “When I write a song, I take a set of notes, interpret them, put them together in a final composition, and hope to convey a message to the listener. When I value a business, I look at a set of facts, interpret them, and compose a conclusion in a report, hoping to convey my message to the reader. It’s the same process!”

Read the complete article (including a cool picture of Kevin) here.