New business valuation releases from Wiley announced at NACVA

Here are a couple of the new books released by publisher John Wiley at the NACVA exhibit.   BVWire always tries to support Wiley--they're the only major publisher with a presence in the business appraisal field.

Warren Miller: Value Maps

Jay Abrams:  Quantitative Business Valuation

Neil Beaton:  Valuing Early Stage and Venture-Backed Companies

James Catty:  Guide to Fair Value under IRFS

Chris Mellen and Frank Evans:  Valuation for M&A

Mark Zyla: Fair Value Measurements

Ian Ratner, Grant Stein, and John Weitnauer:  Business Valuation & Bankruptcy.

Send an email to Sheck Cho if you'd like to order any of these books at the conference discount.