A good weekend for BV at The Appraisal Foundation

Our stringer reports that a number of developments occur at this weekend's TAF meeting:

1.  TAF Board member Jay Fishman was appointed vice chair of the new Appraisal Practices Board.  The mandate of this new group:

The APB is responsible for issuing Valuation Recognized Methods and Techniques which are intended to provide support and guidance to those who require knowledge of the approaches to an issue that are recognized and accepted as appropriate and effective.  The APB represents the combined judgment of leading valuation professionals and is composed of five to seven members.
2.  Tony Aaron was elected to the TAF Board of Trustees

3.  RICS agreed to become a sponsor for TAF, and

4.  Further small steps were agreed to to continue international cooperation between TAF and IVSC--specifically to make sure that more TAF documents are IFRS-compatible.