Trends in Control Premiums: Key Information for BV Experts

Knowing how to recognize and quantify control has been an ongoing debate for appraisers. To help ease the debate, the Appraisal Foundation’s third Working Group and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) are developing guidelines regarding the assessment, measurement and application of control premiums. “There’s a whole lot more complexity to think about than most folks realize,” says Eric Nath, who’s helping to lead the ASA effort.

To update appraisers, Brad Pursel, Mark Edwards and Andrew Fargason will examine the issues in “Control Premiums: Applications and Analysis,” a BVR teleconference on Thursday, April 29. The three valuation experts will discuss how to recognize and quantify a control premium; the best practices used by speakers, national firms, the big 4 and others; measurement considerations when determining and analyzing control premiums; and alternatives to direct application of control premium data.

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