Expert insights on valuation and bankruptcy

We’ve just posted numerous new articles from Insights, the esteemed valuation quarterly published by Willamette Management Associates and provided exclusively to subscribers of BVResearch. The new content includes special-focus articles on bankruptcy and reorganization analyses by noted Willamette experts Robert Reilly, Charles Wilhoite, and:

  • Financially Troubled Company Purchase/Sale Transaction Structure Issues by Scott Cobb and Nguyen “Wen” Ho.
  • Financial Adviser Procedures Related to Bankruptcy-related Solvency Opinions by Katherine Gilbert.
  • Debt is the New Equity: How Private Equity Funds Will Sponsor Buyouts Through Chapter 11 by Jonathan S. Henes, Esq., Kirk A. Radke, Esq., and Christopher T. Greco, Esq.
  • Bankruptcy-related Valuation and Financial Advisory Services by Nguyen “Wen” Ho and Scott Cobb.
  • Ponzi Schemes and Clawbacks: Investors Pay Twice for the Crimes of Others by John J. Monaghan, Esq., Richard E. Lear, Esq., and Diane N. Rallis, Esq.
  • Section 409A Considerations Related to the Grant of Closely Held Corporation Employee Stock Options by Robert F. Reilly.
  • Valuation of Debtor Corporation Intellectual Property During a Distressed Economy by Robert F. Reilly.
  • Income Tax Issues Related to the Financially Distressed S Corporation by Jin Wang.