Finding comparable public companies just got faster and easier

The guideline public company method takes time—sorting companies from Yahoo! Finance or other sources, building spreadsheet templates that need to be adjusted and quality checked, and studying each comparable to make sure they match your target company. BVR recognizes that appraisers need to save time on this approach to keep their engagements profitable, so we’ve partnered with Pitchbook to create the PitchBook/BVR Guideline Public Company Tool.

The tool allows appraisers to quickly identify comparable companies from the EDGAR database based on the full range of criteria, such as SIC and NAICS codes, keywords, size, profitability, comparable financial ratios, and financial data.  Single companies can be added and deleted from the set as further research is completed.   Easy coefficient of variation and other ratio analyses highlight which metrics are the best indicators of value. The PitchBook/BVR Guideline Public Company Tool matches these most current SEC financial statements with market data for your valuation date.

“The Pitchbook data is complete, well designed, and gives you a pointer to gather 10Ks or 10Qs if you want.  It is quick, simple, and a good data source for preparing guideline public information,” says Rob Schlegel, who teaches GPCM for ASA, BVR, and others, and who provided help to BVR in reviewing the product.

For information on the PitchBook/BVR Guideline Public Company Tool call Linda Mendenhall, Shelly Seger, or Joe Marasco at 503-291-7963.