CPE: Matthews and Wachter on implied minority discounts

The story of implied minority discounts (IMD) in the Delaware Chancery Court (DCC)  raises central discount questions for appraisers: should I adjust public data for minority discounts? How? What do experts--and the courts--say?

In fact, the courts and the business valuation profession disagree.   This Friday, March 19, learn about the strange history of the IMD in the DCC, how it was accepted by default, and how to reconcile the divergence between judicial precedent and BV practice in your specific engagements.  Join BVR for “Implied Minority Discounts in Statutory Fair Value: The Doctrine that Won’t Die,” a 100-minute teleconference hosted by Gil Matthews and Michael Wachter, the William B. Johnson Professor of Law and Economics at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  It all begins at 10:00 am PT/1:00pm ET, 2 CPE credits available.  Register here