Butler Pinkerton Calculator adds Canadian market data

Last Friday BVR flipped the switch on the Butler Pinkerton Calculator™ (BPC) so that it now accepts Canadian stock tickers and includes the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE) as a market proxy (S&P;/TSX Composite).This adds another tool to the Canadian appraisers’ toolbox when determining the total cost of equity (TCOE) and company-specific risk for valuation engagements. Appraisers in the U.S. will find the new application useful, too, whenever their assignments involve Canadian-based business interests.

The addition of Canadian data is just as intuitive and user-friendly as the overall Calculator. For example, after selecting the TSE as a proxy on page one of the BPC, on page two, users simply include a “.TSX” after each entered ticker to ensure they are still pulling tickers from the Canadian market.  (When TSE is entered, a prominent note reminds users that they selected the Toronto Stock Exchange as a proxy, and must add the .TSX extension to avoid getting pricing information from a different market.)