Develop the Tools to Stay Afloat in a Sea of Distressed Valuations

As news of the economic recovery of 2009-2010 trickles in valuation experts are preparing for an unprecedented wave of impaired and distressed business valuations – fallout from the deep recession that has impacted the entirety of the economic landscape. Expert appraiser Jim Alerding agrees: “I’ve been in this business since 1980 and we’ve never really had a situation where there are so many businesses that are distressed or impaired at a single time.”

On Thursday, November 5 Alerding, along with appraiser James Ewart and investment banker Robert Shortle will present “Companies in Distress: Valuing the Impaired and Currently Unprofitable,” a 100-minute teleconference focused on the tools necessary to tackle valuation challenges inherent in impaired and distressed businesses. From considerations of the premise of value to the impact of the states of liquidity and capital markets, the insights from this panel will prove invaluable to anyone appraising a business in the coming months. To learn more about this must-attend conference, or to register, click here.