In the multi-million Microsoft remand: what would ktMINE find?

After reporting the $358 million reversal of fortune in Lucent Technologies, Inc. v. Gateway, Inc., 2008-1485, -1487, -1495 (Sept. 11, 2009) (see BVWire# 84-2)—in which the court remanded the case for calculation of patent infringement damages, finding neither party’s evidence “powerful” or “well-presented“—we wondered what the experts would find at ktMINE in terms of comparable licensing agreements and reasonable royalty data.

“ktMINE would absolutely provide comparables that either side could use,” comments David R. Jarczyk, Chief Operating Officer. “One would search our product for Manufacturing Intangible (e.g. patent) agreements in the Computer & Software industry. These two search filters nearly 150 agreements. The user could then input associated keywords in the results summary to narrow down for comparability purposes.”  Keywords can relate to type of agreement, subject (computers, hardware, software) or industry (internet, technology).

“Also, one can do a high-level view of the 159 agreements using our Analysis Center. Think about it,” Jarczyk says, “from a pure high-level, industry data-dump perspective, an analyst can see all the critical stats surrounding the underlying IP,” including license gross sales data, net sales, and more. For more information on these particular results—or ktMINE’s direct access to royalty rates, source licensing agreements, and detailed agreement summaries—contact Randy Cochran.