In business valuation arms race, shoe leather is still #1

The rapid development of valuation tools, methods, and data sources are no match for shoe leather. Indeed, as Warren Miller describes them, on-site visits and interviews are the best – perhaps the only – way to unearth the true causes of valuation characteristics and drivers: “If we can't explain [aberrant metrics], we don't really understand what we're valuing, and we will get the valuation right purely by chance."

You may think you know how to conduct an onsite interview: On Wednesday, September 30 Miller and Russell Hudson will give a must-attend presentation in “Using On-Site Interviews to Uncover What Really Matters”, a 100-minute teleconference hosted by BVR. During the teleconference Miller and Hudson will cover the best practices to target, prepare for, and conduct on-site interviews. It all begins at 10:00 am PT; 2 CPE credits available. To register or find out more, click here.