Meet Jim Alerding BVR's New Legal Editor

Alerding_JimHi, I am Jim Alerding, CPA/ABV. Many of you know me from my presentations and articles over the years.  I have over 40 years of experience in business valuation and litigation services. I started in 1980 in the BV and testimony arenas.  Since my first case was a valuation for a divorce case in which I then testified, I started in BV and Litigation Support at the same time.  I have testified in deposition and/or trial  hundreds of times in various cases. presentations and articles over the years.

I have been honored to take over as the legal editor for BVR in the wake of the untimely death of the former editor, Sylvia Golden, whom I admired very much.  I will be fortunate if I am able to attain her high level of expertise in this area.

In the spirit of full disclosure, unlike Sylvia I am not an attorney, but, as a judge in a case of mine once said, “I think he knows how to read and interpret a case”.  Since there is no judge to Daubert me out, I will do my best to select the cases that I believe are most important to valuation professionals and attorneys and to digest them and send them to the vast library of such cases that BVR already has on hand. 

If you are not already familiar with the BVLaw database of business valuation case law digests and analysis, I encourage you to take a look – you won’t want to do your legal research without it.  Additionally, the monthly BVLaw Alert e-zine (free signup) lists and summarizes new cases for your easy reference.

I will keep my fingers on the pulse of the valuation and related litigation arena and pass along what I know to all of you.

If you have any information you believe might be helpful in this area, including cases, please feel free to send them to me at