Business valuation in divorce--the series

This September, BVR’s Advanced Webinar Series on Business Valuation in Divorce features four webinars examining the most critical and contentious parts of appraisals for marital dissolution. Curated by James Alerding (Alerding Consulting), these programs will examine emerging trends and address classic challenges in the most pressing areas. First up, on September 13, will be Double Dipping: Incomes, Assets, and Double Counting in Divorce, featuring: Stacy Collins (Financial Research Associates), Donald DeGrazia (Gold Gerstein Group), and Adam John Wolff (Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman).

Future webinars in this series are Goodwill in Divorce Valuation: Personal, Entity, and the Difference Between (September 20); Reasonable Compensation in Marital Dissolution(September 27); and Asset Tracking and Fraud Analysis in Divorce (October 4).