Which profession is more prone to divorce litigation?

We just did a quick search by SIC code of all the marital dissolution cases in BVLaw (over 1,240 to date) and found that—by far—there were more published court decisions concerning the valuation of doctors’ practices than any other profession. Law and dental firms ranked second and third, respectively—and, interestingly, when we limited our search to just the past three years of divorce cases, it looks like dental practice valuations are catching up:

SIC Code Industry/services No. of cases reported inBVLaw No. of cases reported in the last 3 years
8011 Offices and clinics of medical doctors 131 10
8111 Legal services 72 7
8021 Offices and clinics of dentists 57 6
8721 Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping services 25 1
8711/8712 Engineering/architectural services 12 1
8041 Offices and clinics of chiropractors 10 1